Sunday, March 15, 2009


I just wanted to let you know that we can not thank you enough for the love & support during this difficult time.

A lot of family has arrived at Duane & Brooke's. It is nice to be together, but as Brooke said, it is for the wrong reason.

Duane & Brooke are doing as well as can be expected. The family, friends, neighbors and kids coming in & out help keep their minds preoccupied. At least for some time.

Thank you to those who have blessed our family with food. WOW. The food has been amazing. And plentiful.

The service details should be finalized tomorrow. I will update as soon as I know all of that.

Again, we can not thank everyone enough for extending themselves through this blog or showing up & giving a hug, kind words, and food.

God bless you.
Auntie Kelly & Family


Alyson said...

Your Family is in our prayers...

Laura said...

We are keeping you held up in our prayers for whatever you need at this time. No one can know what to do or say at this most hearwrenching time, but God does. Turn to Him and let him lead you as you take care of each other. Peace for your hearts and minds,


Anonymous said...

Because Andie went to be with Jesus, I had to go to church today to pray in His presence. I haven't been in church for over 20 years for service, but I wanted to make sure that He heard my prayers for you Angel Andie. I asked him to embrace you, to love you, and to keep you safe until you are reunited in Heaven. I asked him to blanket your mommy and daddy and brothers with love, comfort, and support. I prayed that you understand that your life was not in vain, you have made such an impact in my life, and helped me embrace Jesus with all my might. Thank you Angel Andie for being here, thank you Paulus family for sharing her with us... You have ALL forever changed my life completely. We Love You Angel Andie Grace.

Anonymous said...

Please know our hearts and sadness are with you.

~ The Kline Family

Marla said...

I was so sorry to hear of your little niece's passing. Please know that you and Andie's family are in my thoughts and prayers.