Friday, March 6, 2009


Praise God!!!!!!!!!

We turned off the Nitric last night, and she has been staying from 95-100 on her SATS.

I have been a nervous wreck the WHOLE night. My stomach is not handling this well. I think my nerves are shot.

The important thing here is she is doing great!!!!!!!!!

There is a chance that the Pulmonary Hyper Tension could take over again and she could have to go back on the Nitric. Please God do not let this happen to her she has been sooooo strong and has come sooooo far.

She is ready to keep healing so she can go home soon.

We have not done the rounds yet for today. The polmonologist came in and said "There is something missing in here" (her Nitric machine) he said this is great. He is the one who told us about the Hyper Puliminary Tension coming back. Again one of those ups and downs.

I just pray its gone forever. I will update after round.

Your continued prayers are soooo greatly appreciated.

All Our Love,
Daddy, Mommy, and Andie

Baby Lewis next to us is doing wonderful after his surgery and so is Baby Ethan.
I have not heard about Baby Madeline in a couple of days.
Praise God Baby Scarlett is going home today. She just had surgery last week.

Please continue to pray for ALL the sick babies on our floor and ALL the hurt or sick babies and children in the world.
They sooo do not deserve any of this. God Bless to them and you ALL.



Amy said...

I am thrilled to hear great news of Andie's progress! I know how difficult waiting and watching every baby step of recovery is. Yesterday we celebrated the one year anniversary of Jackie's life-saving open heart surgery! I made a short video montage about her journey...
Amy Smith

mommaof4wife2r said...

yea for fighter girl, andie! hoping that she is continuing upward...prayers for you all.

Andie's Mommy said...

Thank you so much for leaving us such wonderful and inspiring messages every day. It is such a blessing to have people like you in our hearts and minds. Thanks for ALL your prayers and positive thoughts.

Andie's Mommy said...

I can't wait until we can celebrate our one year surgery Ann. I'm sooo glad your daughter is OK. Thanks for ALL your prayers and positive thoughts.


Chelsie said...

I am glad to see she is doing good with each little step. Every little accomplishment is just making me see thru the blog how strong that little girl is! I like seeing good updates and will continue to check here a few times a day.

The Maid said...

She looks great mom! She really looks like she is feeling a little better and she has filled out a bit! ;) I am so wanting to just hug her and kiss her! :) And you guys totally need a I am praying that God will kiss her with his healing touch and make her one hundred percent! Show those doctors what our God can do Andie Grace! ;)

Love you guys...
The Spankos