Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Evening-With Pictures!

Oh my, have you seen anything sweeter?!

Now for the afternoon update:

We spoke to the doctors this am and the plan is to lower her Flolan to 8 by tonight and then we are going to sit tight until her lung is back to normal. Her right upper lobe of her lung is still collapsed. Then once her lung looks better, we will slowly wean her off the Nitrate. I mean slowly to see how she tolerates it.She is now getting 4 cc's an hour of breast milk. We saw the Polmonologist this afternoon again and he agrees with the plan of action. We want to go slow so she does not go backwards. Fine with us. We can handle baby steps. She got her cathiter out today, so she is going potty in her big girl pants again. We now have a mobile hanging from her bed and she seems to totally focus on that now. Oh yeah, She has pooped today too!!!! They gave her aspirin in her bottom to help her poop. Of all the tape pulling, suctioning, surgery, x-rays, etc. The aspirin up the bottom actually made her grimmace and kind of cry. It broke my heart. She is soooo beautiful. I keep giving her my pep talks, I know her daddy talked to her today too. I again want to thank everyone for all your prayers. Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated.

All Our Love,

Andie, Her Mommy & Daddy

I want to thank my wonderful husband for coming here during the day and going home to play dad at night. Your doing a great job. I know its hard, but thank you soooo much. Tonight we are going to have dinner with the boys again. They are going to pick me up and we are going to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner. I'm glad I get to a least see them for awhile. I miss them ALL very much. They are doing a great job of coping with the circumstances. I love you all very much


Holding onto her mommy!

Hangin' out with her bunny!

No, this is not Andie's car. Her daddy promised her a pony! Well, more like a Mustang GT! *wink* Brooke sent me the pics and this one was in the e-mail attachment. OOPS! I just had to laugh because this is SO Andie's oldest brother Brogan. He LOVES cars (like his Poppa!) and he will be tickled to see this on here!

O sing to the LORD a new song, For He has done wonderful things, His right hand and His holy arm have gained the victory for Him.
Psalm 98:1


dg darling said...

Oh my goodness she is SO adorable! Again so happy for you...prayers continue.


mommaof4wife2r said...

i am just in awe of that sweet and precious face! she is just awesome...a total fighter! and pooping by aspirin...who knew!? those NICU nurses can get those babies to do anything, can't they? so glad the flolan is reduced and big girls pants are on for the poop/pee...baby steps! yes! praise god!

and i'm not gonna be able to listen to the music on the blog...i can hardly make it without tears. i'm a daddy's girl still...and i have 4 of my own! seriously!!!

Grayson Family said...

I don't know you or your family all that well but I have been following your blog every day nonetheless. Today I had jury duty and couldn't get on until tonight. What I read brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for you all. Way to go little girl! Our prayers are always with you all. She is really beautiful Brooke. Your whole family amazes me.

Anonymous said...

SHE IS BEAUTIFUL, A DEFINITE HEART-BREAKER!!! You guys will have your hands full when she gets older. Love and hugs from The Bernat Boys and our constant prayers and kind thoughts go to you all.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Brogan Andie's oldest brother I am a sports car fanatic, but no one saw my sister's illness coming. It is very tragic, but Phoenix AZ has some of the best doctors in the country and I am confident that she will pull through for us and those of you that are praying keep on it, and It's working.
[P.S. mom I love You]

Andie's Mommy said...

Thank you so much for the most adorable and thoughtful comment. You are such a big boy and I'm soooo proud of you. Thank you for being so understanding about what is going on. I do miss and love you very much. I can't wait until we get to bring your sister home and lay around and watch movies with her. She will love it. She loves you very much too. Keep up the good job my little angel boy.

I love you,

Anonymous said...

Hey mom, love you to and I can't wait to see you.

Love Brogan,


P.S. and tell Andi that I love her to.