Thursday, March 5, 2009


We just did rounds.

Here is our plan of action today. We are going to keep trying to wean her from the Nitric. They warned me again about the 5-0 range and the set backs that can happen.

That's all we are doing today.

They are going to keep increasing her breast milk up one cc every hour. She is now at 7cc's.

They also told us her lungs look like they have some edema (fluid) in them.

Not infectious so far. We will wait and see how she is tolerating everything before we do any more testing. It may clear up on its own (God willing it will) or it could be something else.

See I'm up then they always throw something else at us.

Ok, so she needs to not have any set backs from her weaning of her meds, the edema needs to clear up, her lactate needs to stay down, her blood oxygen needs to continue to go up, she needs to stay clear of infection and any virus, her blood pressure needs to stay good.

We just need to pray for her full healing, even if its slowly but surely.

All your continued prayers are GREATLY appreciated.

All Our Love,

The Paulus Family



mommaof4wife2r said...

i am just prayed again for sweetie andie grace. what a precious fighter she is...still believing that god is way bigger than the boogie man, and this sickness thingy. praying for that healing.

and, i love the art of andie done by her sister on the sidebar. beautiful!

great is He that is in us than he that is in the world...jesus has the answer...we're gonna focus on him.

Chelsie said...

I just got this link today and so I just went thru and read EVERY single line of this blog. I cried my eyes out numerous times and am just amazed at the strength this tiny little beautiful girl is showing.
I will be praying continously for your whole family to get thru this trying time out on top. I will also be anxiously awaiting the news that Andie is going home so that I may meet her!

avbernat said...

Andie Grace, you are soooooooo beautiful and a true fighter. I'm hoping and praying that you have a speedy full recovery. I'm hoping and praying that you can conquer all of your obstacles. I am praying and loving on you endlessly. said...

Still praying...

full healing!

We know He can do this!



Cindy Bruni said...

Brooke, Duane & Family,

We just learned of little Andie's struggles thru a prayer request email from our church neighborhood group. We want you to know that we are praying for Andie, that God heals her completely & she's able to come home to you soon! What a beautiful little girl she is -- & sounds like she's quite strong, too!

Let us know if you need anything, & meanwhile, we'll just keep praying!

Your neighbors,
Joe, Cindy, Joel & Elizabeth Bruni