Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Update after Rounds!

Here is our plan of action of the day:

We are on auto mode on the ventilator! What that does is it makes her breathe on her own and if she forgets, it alarms and gives her 8 seconds then breaths for her.

Also, we are going to lower the Flolan slowly from 8 to I don't know to what and how fast.

As you can tell my insides are a mess. I'm soooo nervous but the doctors seem pretty confident that she is going to handle ALL of this pretty well.

I pray she does. She has not alarmed in a few minutes, so she must be doing it right.

Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated. These next few days are going to be nerve wracking.

I know she is in God's hands and I feel confident He will get her through this.
I know He has gotten her this far and I feel He will continue to get her through this too!

All of your prayers have helped her too. We thank you ALL so very much for this.

I will update later tonight.



Anonymous said...

YOU GO ANDIE!! Show everyone how tough you are! Sounds like great news. I saw Andie, Brooke and Duane yesterday and they all look great! Prayers are working!!!!

Best from the Harris family.

mommaof4wife2r said...

oh brooke, i am so happy and elated and well, understanding your concern. it's scary to take those steps. but, she's doing it, girl! i'll pray more for her to do it all on her own!!! wooo hooo!

Bobi said...

Thank you for the updates. I continue to pray for all of you.

Lori House said...

Brooke, Duane and Andie,

You continue to be in my prayers. Being able to follow Andie's progress online is such a blessing and we all appreciate your continued updates despite your exhaustion.

With God's love,
Lori House, Benicia CA
(Your long lost cousin on Brooke's dad's side)

Totallyinluvwithphotography said...

Hi There,
What a trial you are facing. I am so praying for your beautiful neice & daughter. :) If you are interested, here's a blog with a baby that was a similar situation.

Paste that into your browser and see her situation. Hopefully it will give you hope. Keep it up. Andie isn't going to give.

Chelsie said...

This is GREAT to hear. GO ANDIE! Make your momma and daddy proud! What an amazing little girl she is turning out to be! I am still praying for you and will keep checking back!
You are in my families thoughts!
Chelsie and Jordan Burke