Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Evening

We have had some set backs today. She had to go on CPAP because her SATS kept dropping. She is still having a hard time on CPAP. The pressure in her lungs is back up to 95%.

This is NOT good. The pressure was in the 60's last week.

I'm thinking as her mother she was having such a hard time on the ventilator yesterday, that it threw her lungs in a tail spin.

I'm not a doctor though. So now we are raising the FLOLAN back up to 4 and raising her intake of the Viagra to 3.75. They said this could take a couple of days to a couple of weeks to get her settled down.

They just told me she is borderline to be reintubated.

Please pray for her to get over this HUGE hump. She just need to get her SATS up and her Respitory Rate to go down.

Please Please pray for this to happen for her.



mommaof4wife2r said...

oh brooke...you poor thing. i was really praying for better news, but that andie is a fighter and you know she'll be great...she's done it before. she'll do it again. my prayers for strength and peace are up for you!

avbernat said...

Poor baby Andie Grace... I know she had her tube back in and this is a rough time, but please keep those spirits up. Whisper to her that we are all praying for her and want her to get better... I'll continue praying for a better tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Today I pray that all of you continue to stay strong, calm and supportive of each other. In tough times, our minds and hearts get exhausted, and as all you rlove is poured on Andie, take care of each other also.

Thea said...

We are praying!!!