Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Morning!

Good Morning To You All,

I guess I get to give you the update this morning since Daddy wasn't here last night.

Praise God!!!! We had a wonderful night.

They have turned off the Epi and the Dopamine and her Flolan is down to 10. They will continue lowering her Flolan down to an 8 by tonight and as long as she keeps tolerating it, they will then start lowering her Nitric. Her Sats have been in the 90-100% it seem like everytime I looked up at it,it was 98 - 100%. Again, Praise God!!!!

As of last night and this morning her lactate is totally in the normal range and her blood oxygen level is 80%. I'm sooooo happy. I just pray we continue to make progress!!!!

I keep giving her my little pep talks and telling her how well she is doing,that she needs to keep fighting and stay strong, how many people she has on her side praying and pulling for her, how beautiful she is, how much we all love her and that she is doing such a great job. Keep fighting baby girl.

I want to thank all of you for following our blog everyday and most of all for all of your prayers.I just told my sister last night, I know she is getting better because of God and all of the prayers she is recieving from everyone.
Everyone keeps asking me what they can do for us and I just say please pray for her. Thats huge for her!!!!!

Thanks to Gram for staying at the hospital last night, I know she didn't get much sleep. She said she woke-up at every beep. I told her you learn the good beeps from the bad beeps. Thank God we had good beeps last night.

Well sorry I'm not a journalist. I will keep you up whats going on through out the day. Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated.

Love to ALL of you.

Andie's Mommy


mommaof4wife2r said...

yeah for andie...and yeah for you too mom!!! i am so happy right now, i am beaming! i can just see that sweet little andie making big strides...wow! amazing! i guess ephesians 3:20 was a great verse to focus on auntie kelly!! you guys keep up the little talk with andie...we'll do the praying here too...in indiana!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that everytime I click on her button there is NOTHING but GOOD NEWS!!! More and more prayers go out to you and little Andie, we hope to see photos of her soon. Again, if there is anything else we can do for you and your boys post it up. I'm sure you have more than willing readers to oblige. You are one very lucky mommy to have a fighter for a baby girl... I guess your boys have their hands full when she gets a little older, LOL. Big hugs and lots of prayers.