Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Update! *UPDATED*

From Auntie Kelly: In my effort to keep this blog updated, I failed to copy the whole e-mail that Brooke sent me earlier! OOPS! So, at the end of this post is the rest of the 'shout-outs' that I was supposed to include. But, most importantly, I forgot to say......


And if I was there I'd give ya 37 birthday spankins', cuz I am bigger than you & it's time for the little (as in younger) sister to pay back ;O) Love you!

Sorry this is sooo late.

I took Boston to get T-Ball pictures this am and then he had to go get his catchers equipment. He was so excited. I think he has enough protection from his catchers gear to protect him from his brothers or sister beating him up.
I would like to ask for a prayer to help the boys deal with the situation with their sister and me being gone ALL the time. God Bless Them!!!! Its tough for them too.

Our plan for today is to keep weaning her Flolan by 1 every 12 hours until she gets to 2. If she has no set backs, she should be at 2 by early am.

We are now weaning her from the Fentanyl so now they are giving her Methadone. I guess they do this so they don't get too adgitated during weaning then all her Sats could drop. Basically they have withdrawls from being on the Narcotics sooo long.

She will remain on auto mode with the ventilator again unless she has any set backs. God willing she will not. I guess when some of the kids have withdrawls its pretty sad. They can cry, vomit, etc. Again I hope God helps her through this one too.

She cried last night, and it broke my heart. You can see her but cannot hear her. Then she had a big tear in her eye. We gave her some Tylenol thinking she might be in pain because they pulled her pace maker wires out yesterday and Alex our nurse said they can have some pain from that. They just pull them right out.

She then held mine and Alex's finger and we patted her tummy to sleep. It worked. God Bless Her Little Heart.

These next few days are going to be nerve wracking for me. Your continued prayers are sooo greatly appreciated.

All Our Love,

The Paulus Family

I want to send a special thank you to Ryan, Danyele, Paige, Brooke, Jada, & Sofie for the beautiful card. You truly did brighten up our day hearing from you. I'm amazed at how much I feel like I know you guys even though we have never met or talked to each other before. We greatly appreciate all the prayers you are giving our baby Andie. I hope to meet or talk to you someday soon. Your girls are absolutely beautiful. Andie is my first girl and I can't wait to dress her and do ALL the girlie things. You ALL truly are a blessing in our lives. Thanks for all your support and continued prayers.

Baby Andie, Her Mommy & Daddy

Thanks to Tim & Jan for the lovely card. We are very greatful to have friends like you in our family. I know I have never personally met you, but my mom & Brogan absolutely adore you both.We greatly appreciate all your positve thoughts and prayers. Hope to meet you someday soon.

Baby Andie, Her Mommy, & Daddy

I also want to thank Quinn in Eric's class for sending us the most adorable card he made. That was soooo thoughtful for you to do that for Baby Andie. I can't wait for her to meet you. See you soon.

The Paulus Family

Cindy (Las Brisas Secratary),

You have been such a wonderful support system during my preganacy and now. You have such a caring heart. I love the beautiful card. It said the most beautiful things. It really meant the world to me to get that from you. When I was leaving the school the other night, you made a point to catch me and give me a hug and some words of encouragement. That is sooo what I needed. Please know you are very special to me and our family. I can't wait for Andie to meet you. I will talk to you soon.



Anonymous said...

Little AndieGrace is a blessing in herself. It has become a habit- a good one- to sit down and read the blog. Then take a quiet moment in prayer for her- and for all of you- and for all the other things we are occupied with. What a blessing!!! Synnove

mommaof4wife2r said...

now, we are huge ball fans...and players, so i'm glad boston got the catchers gear!!! i was a he'll be well protected. super fun!

and thanks for the kind words and shout out. too sweet!

avbernat said...

Happy Birthday Brooke! (Hope it's not belated yet! ha! I just started checking on blogs).

Your boys are so giving to be so understanding that Andie needs their mommy right now. I can only imagine how hard this must be for them, but I hope that they know why they are giving up so much time with you, and if not remind them it's for their beautiful little baby sister.

How painful it is to see your child cry but not be able to hear her. I can't imagine the gut wrenching feeling that must have been. Stay strong for your little girl and know that soon this will all be over and you'll be able t take home your beautiful baby girl.

All our love and continued prayers.