Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heart Poem

It's a beautiful day up in heaven. Jesus is rounding up his tiniest angels, to go live on earth, and be born. One of the sweetest angels says to Jesus "I don't want to leave, I like it here, and I will miss you". He reassures the scared little angel that everything will be okay, and that she is just going for a visit. She is still not swayed on this idea.

So Jesus kneels down, and says, "How about if you leave half of your heart here with me and take the other half with you, will that be okay?" The angel smiles and says, "I guess that will work". But the little angel is still a little scared.

She asks,"Will I be okay with only half of my heart?" Jesus replies,"Of course you will, I have other angels there that will help out, and you will be fine." Then Jesus gives the angel more details about his plan. He says "When you are born, your mommy and daddy will be scared, so you have to be strong, and when you feel weak just remember that I have the other half of your heart".

"Enjoy your time with your family, play and laugh everyday." "And when its time to come back to heaven, whenever that may be, I will make your heart whole again. Always remember that you are not broken, just torn between two loves."

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today I was with my baby girl for my birthday and she was doing great. They were going to pull her ventilator out two days later if she continued on that path. She did and they did pull it out and thats when it all went south on her. My poor baby. I wish I could go back to a year ago and never end that time. On top of it, I would have fought harder to make them wait to pull her off the vent. God and Andie know I tried I could tell she wasn't ready, but ... they insisted that she was ready. Mother's intuition I guess. I'm sorry baby girl!!!!I really am. I love and miss you with every bit of everything in my body, heart, and soul.

Ever since Andie has passed, no lie we find little white, fine feathers in our house once in a while. To all that don'tknow us, we don't have any feathery friends. So whenever I find them, I always think and tell the kids that Andie is with us and letting us know she is okay. Well this morning I get a cup of coffee and go to walk across the street to see my aunt. Something caught my eye on my left sleeve, and there it was a little fine white feather. Happy birthday mommy I love you and am with you. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it. Thanks baby girl! I love you too! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO