Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back in her Momma's arms!

What a beautiful blessing to see her little lips again.

Well she did pretty good last night. Her SATS would dip down to the high 80's then back to 94. She hung around 94 for most of the night. She did get a little Ativan and Morphine to help make her a little more comfy.

I was going to hold her last night, but once she was swaddled she fell right asleep. I told the nurse I just wanted her to sleep so she could get better. Needles to say, it was kind of a long night. I was sooo worried about her.

This morning after shift change, Jamie asked me if I wanted to hold her. Of course I jumped all over that. I was a little nervous with ALL the tubes. But what a joy to hold My Little Angel again.

I have not held her for two weeks. She nuzzled her little head into my chest and she just slept.

The hurdle now is to getting her to keep her SATS up and her Respitory Rate down a little.

Please God we need your help with this one too.

I will know more after we do rounds this am. I will give more of an update then.

Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated.


*I just spoke with Brooke & she wanted me to let you know that they are going to put Andie on the CPAP. Her Sat level is just a little bit low.


Chelsie said...

I love that picture Brooke! You are all in my thoughts constantly. If you need anything please call me.

Love ya,

Chelsie and Jordan

mommaof4wife2r said...

so glad brooke got to hold that precious baby!!!