Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Girl!! XOXO

Birthday Tributes to Our Special Angel

Our precious Andie,

Happy Birthday, little angel peanut girl.
Up to Heaven we send our love.

Two year's have gone by, it's hard to believe.
We saw you yesterday, or so it seems.

Our love for you still grows and grows.
An unchanging love, a constant flow.

This day you burn within our hearts.
A little miracle from the start.

We'll light a candle in your name.
And sing that birthday song the same.

But we'll sing it to the sky.
For you're alive, you did not die.

Happy 2nd Birthday Andie Grace.

We love you so much!

All our love to you,

Mommy & Daddy

Happy 2nd Birthday From Us All!

Happy Birthday Andie Grace!

We waited so long for you. Although our time was brief together, you will remain in our hearts and souls forever. You will always be our miracle baby. We wish we could be celebrating your 2nd birthday with you but find comfort that you are in the arms of Jesus now. We love you more than words can say.

Your whole family

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Girl!! XOXO

My Dearest Andie,
Mommy can't explain the hurt I have every day without you in my physical life. I wish so bad I could go back to those 22 days we had together and wish they would NEVER end. I know you are having a wonderful birthday where you are at. I am sure you are with many special people too. I hope you have a wonderful 2nd birthday and many more to come. I know someday we will celebrate together. I just hope you hear me talk to you daily from my heart and soul. I put on a great act, but it kills me inside everyday that your not here. I love you so much my Little Angel Peanut Girl. Please always know and feel that.
Hope your day was the best.