Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update from Monday

"Look Mom, NO TUBES!"

This Monday was VERY stressful.

They told me yesterday that they might extubate her today. Well her Stats had been hanging steady at 98-100. Today they put her on the CPAP mode on her ventilator and she did good for a while, then her STATS starting dropping. They were up and down most of the day.

I was not doing well at all. At one point I think I stared off into space fo a while. I just felt we were going back again, and I was worried we were going to replay two Mondays ago. (SURGERY DAY). I just sat, stared, and prayed.

I didn't put it on the blog last night, because if they didn't do it, but then I wanted everyones extra prayers for her. So we were either going to sedate her or extubate her. Finally Dr. willis came in and said lets take it out and see how she does. So I gave her a pep talk, told her I love her and then I left the room so they could pull the tube out.

Thank God I had Okshan, Missy, and Alicia to keep me busy for a few minutes. Then Duane popped his head in the waitung room and said she did great and her SATS went back up.

Now we just need GOD to please continue to heal her and keep her SATS and numbers where they should be so she doesn't have to be reintubated.

Right now she just has oxygen through the nose. She may have to go on CPAP, which is also through the nose, but a higher flow of oxygen. Her blood gases are good, but we need to pray those stay good too.

If ALL goes well tonight, we will be able to hold her later and they will start her back on breast milk around midnight. I think this will help her feel strong again. She has been off since midnight last night.

I thank God for healing her this far and pray that he continues to heal her and give her a complete healing real soon. I know between God and ALL your prayers this is why she has done soooo well this far. Your conitnued prayers are GREATLY appreciated.

Please God continue to heal our baby Andie and watch over our boys, girls, and grandkids, too. Amen

I also want to thank Gram again for flying out and playing mom/grandma for me. She has been great! I don't think we are going to let her go back to TN. I know she has stayed with me a couple of nights and I sweat her out of the room and the bells don't let her sleep. She also sits with us and supports us through out the day. But she has been a trooper.

Thanks Mom. We Love You.

Thanks to Grandma for being with us everyday and being such a great support system.

Thanks for ALL the snacks and sitting with Andie so we can go have lunch.

Your awesome. We love you.


mommaof4wife2r said...

praise god for all the healing that has already taken place...and that sweet pea is free of all the extra tubes! you can see her precious face soo much better now...and to be able to hold her will be priceless! many, many prayers for her to continue the upswing!

McKay Missy and Boys said...

Make sure you post a pic with you holding her. I'm sure we'd all love to see it! Thanks for posting.