Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Morning.

Auntie Kelly here. I am sorry for not getting this to you sooner.

We had church this morning, then a basketball game.
And of course, it was our teams' turn for concessions.

Anyway here is Duane's forward from this morning. I wish it were better news.
Please continue lifting Andie in prayer.

God Bless.

Taking Andie off of the epinephrine apparently wasn't in her best interest. Her blood pressure started to drop as well as her saturation. Putting her back on the epinephrine would bring up her blood pressure and her saturation as well - in thinking that is. But it hasn't worked, yet. But this mornings chest xray shows that the right upper lobe of her lug has started to collapse again. Not as bad as it was the on Friday, but worse than yesterday. This may be one reason her saturation has been reduced as well. The respiratory tech will come in and make some adjustments to her breathing and get her lung pumped back up. There is room to raise her Flolan, but this is where 1 step forward 2 steps backwards goes into effect. Hopefully today she'll turn this around to numbers we had yesterday.

She continues to look around and make eye contact with us, but we also notice that she is more agitated with her breathing tube. She gums it and suckles it, but mostly gags on it. We can hear her cough with it in and it breaks our hearts. But just making the eye contact we can tell she likes seeing us. especially mommy.

For today we are hoping that she can improve to where she was yesterday back into the 90's for her saturation. As she improves I'll keep you posted. Today is a week here in St. Joseph. Thursday was her one week birthday. She's been here 10 days and 9 of them in the hospital. It's time that she improves and gets better so we can take her home.


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mommaof4wife2r said...

oh that poor thing. i am praying right now for a sense of peace for all and that andie would be able to tolerate that stinky sofie hated that thing too! it's so hard...bless your hearts.