Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday evening update.

Auntie Kelly again...

The grandmas have been sitting with Andie this evening! What a treat I'm sure!

Especially since they were there when one of the doctors came in & reported some good news!

Andie's lactate level dropped all the way to .8 and her saturation levels have remained in the high 90's to even 100% for most of the day!

Brooke & Duane went home today to be with the boys for a bit. The boys were so excited. Especially Boston who is 5. Tonight there was a pajama party at the library. Brooke said "Come on Boston, let's go to the library." He replied "YOU'RE taking me?!" Yes, he misses his momma!

Duane will send a more detail update soon. I just wanted to give this great news.

I praise the Lord for His hand of protection all over this sweet lil' bean!



For Tuesday Fund said...

I'm praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Want Andie's family to know she is in my prayers and a special rosary will be said for her. Have faith.
Friend of Robin.

Anonymous said...

A true blessing indeed. Our continued prayers and support from California.