Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

I know I haven't blogged all week. It was an OK week. I only had one little breakdown. I just can't believe the kindness of everyone. It just overwhelms me sometimes. This week a very kind mom from the kids school came to our house to bring us a beanie baby, some gift cards for dinner and movies, and a very warm and heart filled letter. I read it after she left and then read it to my sister and we both just cried. It brings tears to my eyes just writing this. Thank you Heather, I hope we can continue to be friends.

I also received a beautiful Angel from Cindy (the school secretary). She has been such great support and a great friend through all of this. Thanks Cindy.

Missy brought us the most adorable beanie baby, and a beautiful and encouraging letter. Thank you Missy for ALL the love and support you give our family. ALL of our neighbors have been really supportive through all of this. We thank you for that.

Every time I get a phone call, beanies, letters, etc. I call my sister. I seem to share it all with her. We laugh, cry, or she just listens.

On that note I need to share something from my heart. I know my sister and I have been through a lot in our years. We have lived together, traveled together, shared our babies deliveries together, shared our families together, and had some major falling outs, etc. But I have never felt closer to my sister as I do now.

She really came to bat for us through all of this. She started Andie's blog so we could keep everyone up to date on what was going on. That was a lot of work plus trying to run my moms business so my mom could be here helping with the boys. Then Kelly flew out here to at first help with the boys, then Andie received her wings so she helped with all the arrangements and planning.

My sister then did the most honorable thing a sister could do. I really wanted Andie to be in certain clothes before she was cremated. I asked Kelly if she would go to the funeral home and do this for me. She never even hesitated and just said yes. So she went with her best friend Leslie and did this for me.

She came home and told me to stand up, I did and she gave me a huge kiss on the cheek I asked if that was Andie and she said yes. Then we both cried. She told me that they prayed, dressed Andie, kissed Andie, talked to Andie and just held her for a while. Remember this is the only time Kelly has seen Andie except for pictures. Kelly told me that she looked absolutely Angelic.

I know Andie was with her auntie the whole time. I think it takes an Angel being with an Angel to do what my sister did for me. I really couldn't wait for Andie to meet her Auntie Kelly. I know they would have been close. Thank you sis for being such a great sister, auntie, and friend. I love you very much.

Your Big Sis


Kelsey said...

I don't even know you but I have been reading your blog since your sister started it. I have been thinking about you and your family and can't even imagine what you all are going through. Sisters are amazing and I am so glad that you have your sister to lean on, cry to and talk to during a time like this. I have a feeling she feels the same about you as you do about her. I am amazed with your family, turning such a tragedy to your family into a positive by making other children happy with the beanie babies is so amazing. Your little Andie will touch other people forever! You and sweet little Andie our always in my thoughts.

Heidi Ann said...

How lucky you are to have such an example in your life, not everybody does! I enjoyed our chat and hope to get together soon!!

Alisha said...

Such a beautiful post! It sounds like you have a great sister.