Sunday, August 9, 2009

Boy, people have complained about me not updating on Andie's blog, and now I'm over doing it for you all.

I have another Tennessee story to tell you. So after Andie passed away, I told the boys that if they see a butterfly or a lady bug that it is their sister letting them know she is with them. So while we were in Mississippi, Boston and my cousins kids were catching frogs. Then I here them all saying stop, don't. So I go to see what was wrong. Well Brogan is letting the frogs go. I asked him why he was doing this? He said it was Andie and they needed to let her go. I told him to stop and walked away. Then the kids came and told me he was doing it again. So I grabbed him and took him in the house for a good talking too. As were walking in the house he screams THATS MY SISTER!!!!!! So then we walked out to the car and had a little talk. I said your sister is not a frog. He said mom remember what you said. I told him if a frog was to jump by him out of the blue, it might be Andie. If you go searching for frogs, probably not. Then he said but mom frogs always turn into a prince and she is a princess. I told him I loved him, how sorry I was and we talked some more about it. I think we both understand better now.


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Now that is SO precious!

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