Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Ethan was laid to rest today.

We said our good byes to baby Ethan today. What a beautiful service he had. His family did such a wonderful job explaining Ethan's journey and expressing the beautiful love they have for him.It brought back soooo many emotions. There were a lot of heart moms there. What a support system we all have. Heidi made a comment today that they have a whole new group of friends since they have been heart parents, and what a blessing this is. She is right. Heidi and Molly were the first moms I met in the hospital, and wow what a support system they were and still have been. They hooked me up with other moms that have lost babies. That was the best thing for me. Heidi A., (Jersey's mom) has been such a good venting post for me. I feel she understands me and I her soo well.I hope I will continue to give Heidi S., Heidi A., Molly, Melody, Liz, Holly and all the new heart moms I have just met and will meet down the road all the love and support they have shown me and my family. I met a few heart moms today that have been following Andie's blog and knew me from my pictures. That was so awesome. It was great to meet them. I hope we can all meet under different circumstances someday soon. I know all our Angel Babies are playing together right now.

We love and miss you ALL very much.

Brooke (Mommy)


Lily's Mama! said...

Brooke it was so nice to meet you, and I do hope we can meet again sometime soon under different circumstances. But Heidi is right, we have all made so many wonderful friends through our journey as heart parents. We all have bonds many others will never understand. Even with Andie gone, you still can understand the worry that we have when we are in the hospital. The services we beautiful, when Greg spoke, he tore my heart apart. I can only imagine how many emotions were brought to the surface today. ((HUGS))


Heidi Ann said...

I love you too girl! I love having you to vent with and discuss things with. Seriously, you save me sometimes. As always, it was SO nive seeing you!

Greg and Heidi said...

Thanks Brooke-
I love and miss our angel babies! My kiddos are all sick right now. . . But let set up lunch soon!
Heidi S!

Molly Wright said...

I agree Brooke--it is great to have each other. Now if we just weren't scattered all over Arizona! I hope we can always be a part of each others lives.