Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Update #2 & a Thank You (or twenty)

We met with the cardiologist this afternoon and she went over the echo test conducted this morning. The results of the test showed the right side of her heart decreasing in pressure. Which means that blood is passing through her lungs. They also noticed some turbulence in her blood flow in the aorta. Now this could be from the incision of the coarc repair.

She has also been reduced on her sedatives. But the biggest reduction is with the Flolan. It went from 30 this morning down to 10. Now with this done we are watching her monitor like it's Superbowl Sunday. Watching every up and down of each specific monitoring point. I've got my back to it because I just can't handle the pressure. But Brooke and my mom are watching it.

The reason why they are doing this is to see if she has started to turn the corner and is able to start to be more alert without too much stress. Her SAT has gone to 79 which is not the direction we want. But the doctor is trying to get her body to adjust and start working on her own. Like I said, we are watching the monitor too much - now it's down to 74. Her other signs are holding well, but we just need her to be strong with these adjustments.

On a good note - being reduced on the sedative she has opened her eyes and Brooke and I got a chance to have her look at us and we could talk to her with looking at us eye to eye.

This is what we have for right now. I'll try to post some more updates later this evening.


Brooke and I would like to thank the following:

First we want to thank Kelly for making this blog and passing our information out to everyone.

Our boys - Brogan, Eric and Boston for being understanding and strong while their mommy and daddy are gone at the hospital with Andie.

For everyone helping us with our boys - Fran, Carl, Jimmy, Jack, Caitlin and Shane.

We want to thank Stephen Johnson (Eric's brother) and Mrs Pazak's class at Foothills Elementary for writing get well cards for Andie. We were so shocked to see 25 or so get well cards written and drawn from an entire 6th grade class. The thoughtfulness of this was so overwhelming.

We thank all our mothers for staying with us everyday in the hospital for support. And for Brooke's mom for flying out to help take care of the boys while we are at the hospital staying and sleeping here.

Thank you Papa Bill (Brooke's Dad) & Papa George (Duane's Dad) for being here at the hospital & offering support too.

Thanks to our good friends who stopped by to see us at the hospital. To show up and show their true friendship and being a shoulder to vent on, cry on and get a joke out every once in awhile. For friends we've not seen or heard of in years for stopping by or calling us.

We thank our doctors - Dr Rhee, Dr Willis, Dr Underwood, Dr Nigro (who performed the surgery), the nurses - Sally, Kathleen, Maria, Kim, Nicole, Arva. You all have been so great. I know we are on you like white on rice with questions - so we thank you for your patience in dealing with us and taking the time to explain things more than twice because we're so emotional.

The staff at Thunderbird Hospital - Heather - your strength got Brooke through the first couple hours of this ordeal, Tiffany - for getting Brooke through that first night, and Melody - for popping your head in to check in on us and helping out Tiffany.

And thanks to Kim the Neonatologist for her due diligence and dedication in the first 12 hours of Andie at Thunderbird.

The teachers and staff at Las Brisas who kept our boys sane and keeping us in your thoughts.

We thank our neighbors who have helped us out with our dogs, picking up the paper and just taken care of things around the house. For the phone calls, tears shared, offered dinners and everything you guys do for us - you're the best neighbors we could ever hope to have.

Thank you McKay and Hans for stopping by and giving a prayer for Andie, Thank you Bishop Day for stopping by.

Thank you to people we've never met for stopping by and asking us if there's anything they can do for us.

All my co-workers who have been supportive and sending me your thoughts and prayers. And for helping me with my accounts and customers.

For my customers that have called me and/or emailed me with your thoughts of concern.

To everyone else that I've forgot to mention - thanks to you too.

We appreciate everything you do for us.

Duane & Brooke

And a shout out to Danyele at A Thorn Among Roses for creating a button for Andies's blog. So sweet. Thank you!


brooke said...

My Dearest Andie,
This is your Mommy. I love you more than I ever could have imagined. I'm so excited to finally get my beautiful daughter. I can't wait to do all the things mothers and daughters do. I wish I could take all your pain and sickness away from you and give it to me. Please continue to be strong, keep fighting, and show everyone what you are all about. I know your Great Grandma Alice is watching over you and she has a lot of fight and spunk in her. Please know you have God, Your Angels, Family, and Friends all on your side. Everyone loves you so much and is praying for you every minute of the day. I love you so much my little angel peanut girl. Please ALWAYS know that. Please continue to be strong so we can go home real soon. I love you baby girl.
Your Mommy

brooke said...

Now to my Dearest Husband,

I love you so much too. I know we are going through a very rough time, but we have each other. I want to thank you for being so supportive to me with ALL my break downs. I can't imagine doing this without you. We need to continue to be strong for each other, but mostly for our sweet precious Andie. I want to thank you for creating this beautiful little girl with and for me. She couldn't ask for a better daddy. (Especially when she wants to go shoe shopping) Ha! Ha Ha! Ha!I can't wait to continue our life together with our beautiful family.
Please lets continue to be strong and get our baby girl better and home !!!! I love you honey with all my heart.

Love you,