Monday, February 23, 2009

Update #2, Monday 2/23

I just spoke with my dad, he said that Andie's stats have dropped. (Except for when her momma is kissing her head & whispering into her ear! AMAZING!)

With that they have decided to take her back for surgery right away.

PLEASE continue praying for the doctors & nurses. That the Lord will give them all the guidance & wisdom for what is best for her. That Andie will have the strength to pull through the surgery at this time. The reason they were wanting to wait was to let her lungs heal.

Also, continue lifting up Duane & Brooke. I am overwhelmed at what my sister is enduring right now.

Thank you again.



Lindsey said...

Duane & Brooke, you are in our thoughts and prayers. May the Lord bless you and your little girl Andie. ~ Porter Family

Jennifer said...

Praying for little Andie.

Marla said...

What a beautiful little girl....she is in my prayers....

Anonymous said...

Here from Kelly's blog. Will be keeping Andie in my prayers. My son is also a heart baby and has had 2 open heart surgeries. He is doing well now! They can do amazing things!

Feel free to follow our son's journey through his care page-

Jen Huegel

dg darling said...

I found your blog today and thought I'd leave a comment telling you how beautiful Miss Andie is. I will be keeping her and your family in my prayers. My own friend's baby had this same problem and is now a chubby happy 9 month old. Hang in there!

Misty from Utah

Denise said...

I just saw your blog and will keep her in our prayers. My daughter had open heart surgery at birth for TAPVR. Tell them to hang in there. It can be a rollercoaster sometimes, but the doctors work miracles these days. My daughter is now 6 has has more energy than any other child I know. God Bless!!