Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Morning Update.

The night has passed and I was up for most of it. I went to bed at 3:30 because little Miss Andie was up and awake and we wanted to spend time with her. Her monitors were as good as they could be. Her SAT was 100%. I woke up at 5:00 and rolled out of bed to check her SAT and is was still at 100% and she was awake again looking around.

I woke Brooke up so she could spend some time with Andie as well. So we played with her as much as we could. At this point everything is looking great. Her stats are where they need to be, the epinephrine is almost at zero. One more cycle and they should have been completed with it, but with they are going to hold off on it for right now. See below.

Now for the bad news. Her blood work is showing higher levels of lactate. The doctors are baffled at why it is, because she looks so good - her stats, her SAT, her skin, color, everything. So they're not sure what's going on and are going to look into this. They'll check her liver enzymes and check her blood gas work in an hour to see if it elevates any further. And until they figure out what's going on they are going to stop weening her from her meds.

So we are so excited about the good news with her stability and stats and her responsiveness. Now we just have to get over this lactate issue. The doctors are confused because they usually don't see this when everything else is looking so good. But then again they keep telling us that they've never seen a Coarc and PPHN at the same time. So we don't expect anything less from Andie - being different from everyone else up here.

She is giving them some new experiences.


Kelly here. I googled 'high lactate levels'.
It frightened me. From what I understand it has something to do with liver failure.
I have not spoke with Duane or Brooke yet, so I may be off base. I am praying specifically for her liver anyway.

Dear Lord,
We have seen Your Mighty Hand all over this sweet baby and her recovery. We trust that You will protect Andie's liver while she continues to keep her stats up & HEAL. Thank you for blessing this family with her. Thank you for showing Your love through the people you have sent to pray, encourage, lend a shoulder, and reach out.
Please continue to strengthen Duane & Brooke, their marriage & their boys.
In Jesus's sweet precious Name~


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mommaof4wife2r said...

i read in the wrong order...but i'm so thankful the levels went down!! praise god!