Monday, February 23, 2009

Update #3, Monday 2/23


I just spoke with Brooke, Andie has made it through the surgery without needing the by-pass machine for her lungs!

Thank you Jesus!!

As soon as they made the repair to her heart, her stats came up! YAY!

The next 24 hours are still very critical. We are trusting that the Almighty Physician will continue to have Andie in His MIGHTY hands!

Thank you so much for all the prayers. We are so grateful for the love that has been showered upon our whole family, especially Andie Grace!

Love to all.

Kelly & Family


Anonymous said...

We will keep everyone in our prayers.

Snowbirds said...

Thank the Lord!! We will continue to pray for Andie and her recovery. God Bless to you all!!! Joan & Ken Pavelek

Anonymous said...

The Cirzan family will keep all of you in our prayers tonight and in the crucial nights to come! God Bless, Leslie

dg darling said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for sweet Andie and her family! I will continue to pray...


Anonymous said...

We will be praying for you here in Wisconsin!


Angela said...

I will keep your sweet Andie in my prayers. My son Benjamin had to have heart surgery last October (at five months old) to repair two heart defects he was born with due to Down syndrome. He is doing very, very well. Feel free to look at my blog if you have time. You can click on October 2008 on the left-hand side to see pictures and updates from when we were in the hospital.
God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that I will be praying for your sweet niece. I found you from Kelly's blog. :o) Praise God for the good He has made!
Laura from FL

Anonymous said...

My nephew had the same problem and surgery 26 years ago and is doing great. Will be praying for a good outcome for Andie Grace too.

Sue in SE WI

Tiffany said...

We are praying for you in Texas!

Brycen said...

I found this blog through a friends. Our baby had this same surgery last June. It is amazing how much the doctors can do. We will be praying for your little one.
Christy, Brad, and Heart Baby Brycen

Anonymous said...

Your sweet Andie will be in my prayers. Our son, Max was born with this defect and a few more almost two years ago. The Lord is so faithful!! Max has made a full recovery! I just wanted to encourage you with the Lords faithfulness.

Grayson Family said...

I just wanted to leave you with my prayers as well. I know you through Missy Colton. Congratulations on a successful surgery. You have a strong, beautiful girl. We will keep all of you in our prayers. said...

Praying for this precious baby, your sweet little niece.

Thea said...

We are praying for your precious baby girl....that Jesus will surround her and you with His angels and that the sweetness of the Holy Spirit will rest on your family as she heals and recovers.

We are excited to see the good reports that will come!!!

Tristan said...

What a Praise!!


pookies_n_mommy said...

my name is jessica.
i know kim and alan.
i just want to say i been praying real hard for this beautiful little girl. i know Jesus has his angels camped around her. i cried joy when i heard she pulled through. i am so happy for you guys. i know its still a journey but know Jesus is with you with his arms around you guys.
I also have my church praying for you guys. THANK YOU JESUS!!
aww im so happy. i will still be praying as well as my church.

LORD JESUS, I just pray that you keep this little girl strong with your strength JESUS..LORD give her many angels to make her comfortable in her time of need JESUS. Let the HOLY SPIRIT stay by her side.
We ask this in your name JESUS.
Amen...Thank you JESUS.

Happy Mommy said...

Oh Kelly that is wonderful! i am praying for Gods mighty hand of healing on this beautiful baby! May she grow to love and trust him all the days of her life!