Saturday, February 20, 2010

I love this poem

To Mommy

I'm just a little baby girl
who didn't quite make it there.
I had to go be with Jesus,
but I'm waiting for you there.

Don't fret about me Mommy
I'm of God's lambs most blest.
I'd had loved to stay there with you,
but the Shepard knows what's best.

Many dwell here where I live
Waited years to enter in.
Struggled through a world of sorrow,
and their lives were marred with sin.

So sweet Mommy don't you cry
wipe those tears and chase the gloom,
I got three weeks to stay there with you,
instead of coming here straight from your womb.

Thank you for the life you gave me
I'd have loved to brought it fame.
But if I'd linger in Earths shadows,
might instead have brought it shame.

Daddy gave me something for you,
It's our secret Mommy dear.
He pressed it tight against my forehead,
and whispered in my tiny ear.

I'll be waitiing for you Mommy,
Daddy and big brothers and sisters too,
I'll be waiting for you to hold me,
then Daddy's kiss I'll give to you.


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