Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to our Little Angel Peanut Girl

Andie Grace,
Your mommy, daddy, brothers, sisters, grandparents, anuts, uncles and all our other family and friends miss and love ou sooo much. I'm sure as your mommy that you are by our sides at all times and I'm sure as your mommy that you are having a wonderful birthday in Heaven with all your Angel friends and family that are with you. Please baby girl know and feel how much we love and care about you. Im sure you hear me talk to you and see me kiss your picture good night every night. Im sure you know how I wonder who you would look like, if you would be walking and talking and always wanting candy from your Daddy. God we miss you more than words can say. I hope you had a wonderful day. I hope you also felt and saw all the wonderful people around here that were laughing, crying, celebrating, and just wishing you were here. Baby girl we love and miss you so much and hope you had a wonderful First Birthday. I know someday we will celebrate life together. I know we will!!!! We love you with our all Angel.

Love ,
Mommy , Daddy and Family


Anonymous said...

Brooke, I am sure you had a very difficult day on Friday. My heart was aching for you and knowing you were missing your baby more than words can describe. I'm sorry I couldn't be there on Friday but know you hold a special place in my heart with my niece and I am glad you are my sister, not only by marriage but in God's plan as well. These day coming forth will be the hardest yet you will endure because knowing what will take place each day from one year ago. May you find strength from God, His son Jesus Christ, your family, Duane and us. Know that I love and care about you everyday. Sharon

Stacie Aho said...

I am sure that day must have been extremely hard on you. You are so amazing and Andie loves you dearly. I hope you continue to heal. She's with you everyday!