Monday, November 30, 2009

Halloween 2009

Yes, Halloween was another one of those first holidays for us. My neighbors little girl who is as cute as a button came over in her little lady bug costume. I went Oh my goodness you look adorable then walked inside and cried. I just imagined how cute Andie would be in her first little costume. I know she has the most adorable costume right now. She is the prettiest Angel ever.
Happy Halloween Baby Girl!

Boston and Eric had fun this year. This is the first year Brogan did not want to dress up. I guess he is getting too old. (The big 10) now. Its getting weird the older they get. Lots of questions about holidays and what they mean, etc. Like is Halloween really evil? Is Santa real? Why do they have to grow up sooo fast? Why do parents ruin it for kids who then ruin it for other kids as well? I just don't get it!!!!!
Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!

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The Andra Family said...

Hey Brooke, it's Nicole, Missy's sister. Just wanted to let you know I think about you often and ask Missy how you're doing. Hang in there during the holidays.