Friday, December 11, 2009

Heart Memorial

Last night the hospital had a memorial just for the heart babies that have passed this year. I read a poem called I'll Lend You A Child. It was such a beautiful ceremony. The angel wings in the trees were soooooo moving and beautiful. Daradee (Liam's Mom) did a great job. I know everyone knows I'm not afraid to talk to anybody, but this is the first time I spoke in front of a crowd. I was second to last to speak and was a nervous wreck. I just kept asking My Little Angel Peanut Girl to please be by my side and give me courage. She did, it worked. It was very sad, but nice that all of us heart famalies were together to support each other. Even parents of heart babies that are still with us were there for support. You guys are more like family than friends. I love you all tons.I'm so glad we are all friends, just wish it was under different circumstances. Thanks everyone.


Melodie said...

I wouldn't have been anywhere else that night. God Bless all the heart baby angels.

Graphicemotions said...

Greetings from Italy