Monday, November 30, 2009


As you all probably know Thanksgiving was hard. I tried to avoid the thoughts, but by the end of the evening I was on Andie's blog reading old posts from when she was in the hospital, and broke down. I also put out all the Christmas decorations and couldn't help to think that last year at this time I was thinking Andie would be about nine months old and totally getting into the tree. Ugh!!!!! I hate all of this. We wish you were here baby girl. We all miss and love you tons!

The hospital had a memorial for all children that have passed away this year. It was very sad of course. I went up to say Andie's name in front of the church and light a candle for her and I started to cry and asked Andie to help me be strong. I kept asking for her to give me a sign she was with us. They did a slide show. It started with music and then the first most adorable picture ever (of course) was our Angel Girl.(Picture Above ) So Im sure your thinking it was in alphabetical order, it was not .(I thought it too) They were going from A to J and then back to E and so on. So in my eyes, this was my sign. Thanks for all the support from Daddy, Grandma, Chelsea and Joanne for being there. There is another memorial at the hospital only for heart babies on December 10 which I will be reading a poem. Please help me baby girl. Then there is one more through the funeral home this Sunday December 6. This is therapy for me. I want to do everything I can in Andie's honor.

I will post again about Andie's walk after I meet with Make A Wish this week. Hope eveyone had a good holiday.

Love to All,


chelsburke2 said...

Love ya Brooke. I hope you and all the boys are good. I will call you at weeks end to talk.

Anonymous said...

I was lead to your blog from another website. It caught my attention because I too had coarctation of the aorta as a child (in the early 70's). Mine was repaired at Deborah Heart & Lung here in NJ. WOW! I have been hysterically crying for you thinking about my parents and what could have been for them. I want you to know that you too are hero's. As a parent myself of two children, I can't imagine having a sick child in that manner. I will continue to pray for your comfort as you lead your lives every day without you blessed litte one!