Friday, June 19, 2009

Andie's Breast Milk

I forgot to post what we ended up doing with all the breast milk we had from the hospital. A few weeks ago I went to see Heidi (Baby Ethan's Mom) at the hospital. Ethan had to have a minor surgery. ( Minor compared to the others he has endured) She was talking about how she was not going to have enough breast milk to get Ethan through the Glenn surgery. They like the babies to have breast milk over formula after heart surgery.(If they can or have it )  She had to quit pumping a while back. I then asked her if she wanted Andie's milk? She asked me if I was serious and OK with that? I told her I would rather it go to her than to throw it away. She jumped all over it. It was such an awesome feeling for me to think that it was going to a good cause. Again Andie's Legacy lives on. 

An update on Ethan
He since has had the Glenn surgery. He has had his ups and downs. He is and will be in the hospital for a while. Please continue to pray for him and his family.


Anonymous said...

You are such a giving person! Such a wonderful thing to do! My older sister had a breast milk issue lately I will have to tell you later.

Greg and Heidi said...

Thanks again.
Love and grattitude-
Heidi & Ethan

mommaof4wife2r said...

that is sooo awesome, i can't even tell you. what a blessing...and a great honor for andie grace too! brooke, you are awesome!

Anonymous said...

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