Sunday, July 17, 2011

So Much To Say!!!!!!

It has been so long, and I have so much to talk about.

First of all back in April I had hysterectomy. It was very hard emotionally, but I realized it needed to be done. I had come to the conclusion that Andie Grace was meant to be my last baby I deliver. When I delivered Andie I delivered a grapefruit size bllod clot before Andie. The doctor thought thats why her heart rate kept dropping. he thought it was part of the placenta. NOPE! It was a blood clot. The placenta was fully intact. After Andie was born, I bled for six weeks, and it was nothing but walnut size clots. They kept saying it was stress related. Even a year after Andie passed a little better, but still the same. At this point, Duane and I had gotten divorced and I was thinking I was just getting older. So I did it. It was my first surgery ever, and it sure did hurt at first.I have a high pain tolerance, but when the wheeled me to my room it was all a blur. I just remember asking the nurse why he woke me up? I told him I didnt feel an pain when I was still asleep. LOL!!!! Then I was going to puke. I never did but I sure felt like it. Once the nurse gave me some medicine, it was back to night night. I never complained though. I just could not get over how dry my mouth and lips were. That was making me crazy. But I made it and went home two days later. Thank you to my dad for coming out to help me and the boys. Also, a thank you to all for the wonderful meals and beautiful flowers. I have wonderful family and friends. I love you all.

Here are some awesome pics my dad took of me post op. I wanted some pre op for my post, but oh well.

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chelsburke2 said...

Well Brooke I know you and I had discussed this a while back. I wish I could have been there for you. I sure do miss you.