Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yes, It has been forever since I posted. I was waiting for some pics to do so. I'm going to catch you all up to date.

Well let's see, since our trip to Tennessee, Boston has had a birthday. THE BIG SIX. I can't believe it. The kids started school. Chelsea is a junior at ASU this year, Brogan fourth grade, Eric second grade, Boston in first grade and Andie would be eight months old. Yes, we have them ALL over the map. I also changed Brogan and Boston's school a couple of weeks ago to a charter school.You can tell by the pics, that they are in a uniform now.It was a hard decision, but they are adjusting. The boys and I went to California to see my Dad and Maria. The boys had never been to their house, and my sister met us there. While we were there, we spent time with aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins and great grandparents. I was glad we got to see them, it will probably be the last time to see my grandparents. I hate to say that, but they didn't look good. It was good to see all the cousins and our kids together. Some of us have never met before. It brought back all of us playing together. Boy was it fun to talk about the good times we had as kids.We went to Alcatraz with Pa Pa Bill. The boys thought that was so cool. I have to admit I have not been there since I was a kid. It was very interesting. It was a clear and beautiful day in good old SF. As usual, we had a blast with Auntie Ya Ya and Missa. (HA!HA!) A lot of laughing is always good for the soul. Of course we had our Andie times too. I love them all very much!!!!!! Let's see, Boston is in baseball for the fall. The kids are very excited about Halloween coming. I will post pics for that too.

Well, it seems to be getting harder rather than easier about Andie. Some days I think I have it all together, then the next I don't.Duane told me the other night he is having a really hard time too. I have went to the doctor, because I feel so yucky all the time. (sick to my stomach, headaches, not sleeping, etc.) No I'm not pregnant. That adds to my stress more, because we have tried and its not happening either. Of course, she thinks it all related to what I am going through. Losing a baby, best friend and all the other things life has to offer me right now. She is running some blood work to see if its my thyroid or anything of signifigance. We will see. I haven't had any health problems this far in my life. Do you think its time to start? I hope not. I would rather it be me than my kids though. Thanks again to my wonderful husband for being there and so good and understanding. Also, thanks to our great friends and family who ALWAYS have a shoulder to lean on. I hope this gets you all up tp date. I promise I will post again real soon.


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