Thursday, October 29, 2009

Labor Day!!!!!!!

I forgot one fun thing we did this Labor Day. We went to the JW Marriott Resort. Fran and I went on Friday am for a little R & R. Then Duane brought the boys in the afternoon. We just relaxed and swam all day. Then on Saturday it rained and rained. The boys and I still had some fun. It was Nicelodeon Weekend, so we went to see Sponge Bob, Dora and went to the Nickelodeon activities. Boston and Eric got picked to go up and play the slime game. That was cute. The high light of Brogan's weekend was to see ALL the cool cars. We all know how he is about cars.Then Saturday afternoon I took the boys and Fran home so my lovely husband and I could spend some well deserved time together. It was nice to have dinner and then relax in our HUGE beautiful suite. It had a huge sun deck too. On Sunday, I took Duane back and the boys and I went and swam for a while and then came home. It was a good fun break for our family.

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