Monday, May 9, 2011

Beanie Baby Drive March 2011 "Happy Birthday Andie"

The church that me and the boys go to (CCV) had a Benaie Baby drive in honor of Andie Grace. I hope to do it again at another event. I want to keep this legacy going for her. It was so cool, I got to speak to the crowd about how and what they use the beanie babies for. We had the banner made and I made a poster board so people would understand by the pictures. It was awesome to see the people stop and look and drop off the beanie babies. It was more awesome when people would come talk to me about Andie or the beanie scenairio. Thanks to all of you who helped and supported this event.

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chelsburke2 said...

I am glad word is getting out! If you need any help please call! My number is the same!