Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm sorry it has been so long...

I'm sorry it has been a while since I updated the blog.

Duane and I are doing good. We miss our Baby Angel Girl so much every minute of every day. Yes, we still have our trigger moments, and I'm sure we always will. I hope she knows how much we love and miss her. It's kind of funny how I won't kill any bug, or I talk to them because I think its Andie Girl. If the wind blows right at us, I think its Andie. I know my husband thinks I'm losing my mind, but I have to do what I have to do to keep me going. He just smiles and supports me with it. One of the new heart moms I'm now friends with said she has been waiting for a sign from her little guy. I told her you just have to take anything that happens to you throughout the day as what you want it to be or mean. That's what I do. We are now involved with a new group of friends who have heart babies and some are playing with Andie too. Its great to have the support from them too. Don't get me wrong everyone has been great, but to be able to talk to a mom who is in the same shoes I am helps a lot. She can understand my bitterness, sadness, anger, fear, depression, etc. It really does help. All in all though I would not make it without Duane. I would not want to go through this with anyone else but him. Thanks babe, I love you.

The boys are doing well.

Brogan is still very much into playing on his computer, SIMS, and getting straight A's.

Eric is really into his skateboard and video games. He has been trying out some new tricks recently.

Boston is pretty much into everything. He is definitely our jock. He is playing baseball right now and loves to slide into home plate. He was the only one on both teams to do it, now they are all trying it. Watch out Red Sox!!!!!!!! They are almost out of school for the summer. They cannot wait.

We are still collecting Beanie Babies for the hospital. We would like to keep this going as Andie's Legacy. We really appreciate all the ones we have received and are still getting. My niece's school in Tennessee has collected over 100. That is sooo awesome Thank you!!!!!!!

Our address is : 26910 N. 54th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85083

We have not yet finalized the date for our golf tournament. I will update as soon as I find out.

I think I mentioned before about how Duane talked to Andie a lot about buying a new Challenger while we were in the hospital.. Well he did it. Please baby girl watch over your daddy while he's driving it. It goes FAST!!!!!!!! On that note, I added pictures of the newest addition to our vehicles in honor of Our Angel Girl. We love you so much Baby Girl. Please always know and feel this.

Mommy & Daddy


mommaof4wife2r said...

oh i am so glad to see a post from you and pics of the boys! i love the makes me smile!
the group of friends you have found sound amazing...and being in the same place is often the best thing for healing!
i lvoe the beanie donation...and the license plates! love love love it brooke!!!

you are in my prayers constantly...

Heidi Ann said...

Hey girl. I LOVE your liscense plates, I want one that says jrsygrl!! Is it a fund raiser golf tourny? I'd love to help if I can! I'm glad you're surviving, it's so hard but thankfully it does get easier! See you soon!

Dennison Family said...

I'm glad you have fun things with your boys! It helps to keep busy. I LOVE the idea of the license plates too! I might have to steal the idea!! Call me anytime!

Chelsie said...

I am glad to see you blogged! I was really worried on Friday I wish I could have done something to help you thru the situation. I am here when ever you need to talk! Even if you call me and just ask me to listen I wont say a word! You are still in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

hi, brooke, just wanted you to know we are still thinking ,and praying for you all.. god bless
love barb
from tennessee..

The Pifer's said...

Love your blog--praying for your family!!!

Tiffany Pifer